Video: What does ‘working as a region’ mean in metro Atlanta?

What is “metro Atlanta”? What does that mean to different people? What should it mean to all of us? Regionalism is the topic Jay and I try to hash out this week. Take a look:


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Another well done presentation. 

Someone on Jay Bookman's blog suggested the name of "The Jay and Kyle One-Minute Show."  (I realize that the productions are closer to 2 minutes in length, but 1 minute is "catchier.") 

Here's another:

"AJC's One-Minute Political Debate with Bookman and Wingfield."


So, no clear definition of "region", but we know we have to work "as a region" to compete against other big cities who do not have the same type of county power struggles that cause disunity. 

You know what that takes?   That takes a Governor who can unite the region, who cares about the city along with the suburbs. 

Unfortunately, we have had governors recently who seem to care little about the biggest economic engine in the state, and where it will be in 50-100 years. 



These ten counties  have every right to enjoy their autonomy. In fact, a few of these counties are looking or have looked, at the city/county incorporation modle because more and more unincorporated areas are choosing to incorporate as cities, which leaves the county with less governmental function in some ways and more in other ways.

ARC, which IMHO, is worthless as the objectionably part of the problem that's long been  standing in the way of meaningful progress to end these threats that produce power struggles. 

There may be a way to stir clear of  these "power struggles" if the legislators could structure a law to setup a ten county metropolitan government if - BIG IF - it left in place individual counties autonomous on the governing local level while on the metro level on the large projects like water, sanitation, roads and mass transportation etc. which was sorta what the Atlanta Regional Commission was meant to do but didn't.

As a suggestion and just a suggestion each of the ten counties should have one representative on the board with the legislature appointing a state representative in stand-by to break all tie votes.

The main idea should be to avoid anything that would spark a power struggles even if it is just what we call-it, which to some would signal tipping the balance of power into the hands of one of these governments over the others, eg  like calling it The "ATLANTA" . People in Cobb don't want the people of Atlanta making the choices or any differently with people in Gwinnett. 

No doubt the state is going to have to create something to do the job of moving us forward on the overlapping issue of mutual concern which otherwise cannot be resolved on a comprehensive bases as necessary.              


At last the sound problem has been fixed. 

Now to the issue of the day... Think  Reegional as Roy Barnes said. 

You nailed a major part of the problem with this "Regional Thinking" business, Kyle.

 It is, "Misleading"!  

Truthfully it is to "Think Metropolis", as a ten county subservient Metropolitan area beholding to and ruled by the Metropolis, Atlanta. To the Jay's point, ten counties presently are being thought of as Atlanta by a group of people but to my point do you think Kasim Reed could win an at large election to represent and lead all ten incorporated counties of this ten county metropolis or as the city and counties of Atlanta - as in an expanded version of a city and county of Los Angles?


Some people want a large community, say 5.5 million of your closest friends.  Others like a smaller community and the lifestyle that brings.  If a community doesnt want to be part of your expansion, leave them alone.  They're not mad at you...not afraid of you....just enjoy the small town atmosphere.